Philosophy & Concept

The first six years of a child's life have so much to do how the next 80 turn out.

                    Dear Apple Kid Child,

You are you. You are Unique!
I believe in you. 
You are important.
You are loved!
I am here to help you grow.
I will listen to all you have to say.
I will hold you to high expectations.
You are capable.
You will succeed.  
We will have fun.
Your Apple Kid Team

Promoting bilingualism & Language learning

Language learning is without doubt one of the most vital aspects of modern education. Research shows bilingual children have immensely significant social, linguistic and cognitive advantages over monolingual children and these advantages amazingly last well into old age making their brains even sharper and healthier.

Respecting multiculturalism

Our society is like a colourful, fragrant garden where a wide variety of flowers grow together harmoniously. Learning to respect, acknowledge and embrace differences around us is an important step towards peaceful and harmonious co-existence as well as broadening our horizons to fertile learning. 

Multiculturalism provides new perspectives and opens up valuable fields of knowledge at the same time diluting irrational barriers of ignorance. 

Multicultural education aims to prepare children for living in a multi cultural society by giving them an understanding of different cultures.

Belief in the unique individuality of the child and his incredible learning capacity.

Every child is a unique individual. This uniqueness in every individual is vital to our society and our world, but even more so for children's own individual growth, self esteem, happiness and success in life. 

By showing interest in their passions, interests and achievements, encouraging what they love to do, facilitating their hobbies, providing the right exposure and celebrating their triumphs we make sure the children discover their uniqueness and be proud of who and what they are.