1. What is a Großtagespflege? How is it different from other kindergartens and Nursery daycares?

Apple Kid is a Großtagespflege. 

A Großtagespflege or a GTP is an integrated system of providing care and education to children from 0-6 years of age by the state government. As per Government guidelines a GTP can only have ten children between two teachers.

The education in a GTP is provided under the Bayrish Education Plan.

2. How can I enroll my child at Apple Kid?

Since Apple Kid is a semi state/ semi private Großtagespflege, the only way to apply for a spot is to apply by submitting a written application at the Stadtjugendamt München. The Jugendamt will let you know when we have a spot available. You will be called for an interview and that's it!

3. What are the booking times?

To ensure that you can go to work completely worry-free, Apple Kid operates from 8.00 am to 15.00 pm (Nursery Group) and 8.00-15.30 (Kindergarten Group) everyday. 

4. What is the process of integration for a child?

At Apple Kids Berliner Method of integration is followed. The child is introduced to his new atmosphere in the company of his parent and encouraged to explore and widen his comfort zone till he feels comfortable with the teacher and other children. Separation from parent is tried very gently and briefly the third day if the child feels comfortable.

For a happy child it is very important that you do not rush the separation.

5. My child has separation anxiety. How can he integrate smoothly?

That's normal. Every child integrates differently. Some sooner, some later. That's why individual tailor-made integration is so necessary. In case of separation anxiety you child will be given more time and of course he will be assisted in feeling more comfortable so that he separation stops being a problem for him.

6. What things is my child required to bring to the kita after he gets a spot?

If your child is 0-3 years old you will be required to bring:

  1. Several change of clothes
  2. Milk bottle
  3. Sipper
  4. Diapers
  5. Wipes
  6. Pacifier
  7. Snowsuit/scarf/Cap for winters
  8. Sun hat for summers
  9. Sunscreen for summers
  10. Wellington boots
  11. Mud pants
  12. Outside shoes
  13. A water bottle
  14. A soft toy
  15. a fleece blanket

If your child is in 3-6 years age group he will need to bring:

  1. Mud pants
  2. wellington boots
  3. a water bottle
  4. A soft toy
  5. Several change of clothes
  6. a fleece blanket
  7. sun-hat and sunscreen (personal) for summers

Every child is allowed to bring his one favorite plush toy or one favourite book from home everyday to GTP; it helps him feel cosy and safe in new surroundings and he learns how to be responsible for it.

7. How often is art and music offered?

Art and music are integral part of Apple Kid concept. They are offered twice every week. You will frequently be allowed to see and take home the proud artworks created by your child.

8. What happens to the kids who don't participate in Music and Art?

That doesn't happen. Usually everyone wants to participate and feels very excited abut learning integrated music and art. 

9. My child does not speak English and German. Will this Kita be the right choice for him?

Of course! Children are gifted with unique ability to learn languages that helps them grasp words, sentence structures, pronunciations and meanings fluidly. Even if your child does not speak any of the two languages offered, you will notice he has already started brining home both the languages within a very short time.

10. How can I learn about my child's progress in the group?

Apple Kid offers many opportunities of learning about your child's progress. First meeting prior to starting in the group, three months after finishing the integration phase, and every six months after this until the child is six years old and has obtained registration in elementary school.

Apart from this, you are welcome to talk to the teacher by making an appointment or without an appointment in case of urgent/ pressing matters.

Giving and getting feedbacks is our priority.

11. My child has food preferences/ food allergies. How will his needs be accommodated?

No worries. That's normal. Some children are vegetarian, some are lactose intolerant. While enrolling you will be asked to provide us with this info in detail. While preparing meals we make sure to include the individual needs of the children.

Other than that, please do not send any eatables containing nuts. Your own child may not be allergic but another's child may.

12. Can I allow my child to appear in advertising material on Apple Kid Website?

Please get in touch with the staff and let them know. You will be required to sign a consent letter and then leave the rest to us.

13. I have a question that isn't covered here.

Is there any other question that you would like us to answer? Please write your query to us at or send us the contact form. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.