Apple Kid

Krippe & Kindergarten (Großtagespflege) München

Music, art, languages, love and care

 all at one place

Art & Creativity

Carefully planned Art lessons are regularly provided during which the children can experiment with various colours, tools and techniques of producing art and discovering the artist in themselves.

Music & Dance

Music is the language of the soul. The children are encouraged to dance on music and play instruments that helps them to discover melody, rhythm, sounds and how to produce them. And it is all so much fun!

Bilingual English & German

Every group is supported by one German and one English teacher to help the children learn two languages simultaneously through immersion method of language learning.

Homely Atmosphere

Loving teachers and caregivers, comfortable room settings, safe and friendly surroundings coupled with regularity of routine helps ensure a homely atmosphere that's just what your child needs to grow and learn the way you want.

Small Group size

Group size is always a key factor in determining a child's comfort. Up to and not more than ten children of similar age- group ensure that every child gets maximum attention and sufficient growth and development space.

Trained Staff

Apple Kid employs only State recognized teachers/ educators, Pädagogical Fachkraft, certified childcarerers and GTP trained Tagesmutters. The staff regularly undergoes further training programmes in order to sharpen their skills.

Learning by Doing

Help me help myself. Exactly! Children learn best when they do it themselves. Our qualified staff stands behind your children helping them to learn to do things themselves and constantly widen their horizon of abilities.

High Quality Infrastructure

Quality speaks for itself. Whether toys or furniture, books or stationary, food or various equipment, only the best is acceptable. Everything is carefully chosen to suit your child's needs, desires and safety.

Sports & outdoor Trips

Children regularly make trips to nearby public playground for fresh air, nature walk, free play and exercise. Frequent outdoor trips such as to local police station, supermarket, library, gardens etc are organised to supplement our educational topics.

Fresh & Healthy Bio-Food 

Apple Kid provides healthy breakfast, freshly cooked bio lunch and snack to cater to the needs of the children. To ensure healthy eating habits, fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, salads and whole grains are routinely included.

Parents Collaboration

Parents' Teachers' Cooperation and collaboration is the cornerstone of our concept. You, as a parent, are actively involved in making decisions about your child and offering your assistance and opinion in a democratic way.

Focus on Individuality

We believe every child is an individual. He is unique in his own way. Here at Apple Kid we try to help him to discover and develop his unique personality in his own way.